The Highly Efficient And Reliable smart Transformer (HEART)


The chair is currently building a laboratory with medium and low voltage connection to the distribution grid. This laboratory will be equipped with a Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) and a power amplifier in order to test power electronics prototypes under realistic conditions. The RTDS system and the power amplifier setup will enable the realization of extensive converter tests without affecting the real grid.

The setup consists of:


  •  RTDS system (2 racks for a maximum of 360 single-phase nodes simulated)
  • Medium Voltage connection of 10 kV and a connection power in the range of 200 kVA.
  • Air conditioned room for power electronics converter testing
  • AC power source (45 kW)
  • Electronic loads

MV-Lab Configuration 



The laboratory of the chair is equipped with a setup for Thermal Characterization of Power Electronic Converters (TC-PEC). This setup enables the thermal characterization of power electronics in real operating conditions. This is relevant for a cost effective system design and can be used for lifetime prediction of the components. The voltage range of the equipment enables tests for low voltage and medium voltage devices. The setup consists of:


·         An high speed Infrared Camera with positioning system (355 Hz sampling frequency for 640x542 pixel)

·         An Optic fiber temperature measurement system (8 channels, sensor response times up to 5 ms)

·         DC power source (4 kV, 60 kW)

·         AC power source (45 kW)

·         Electronic loads

·         Power analyzer with 6 channels

·         An 12 Bit Oscilloscope

The overall setup is managed by a control and synchronization system, which controls every component and merges the measurements.

Setup Configuration