The Highly Efficient And Reliable smart Transformer (HEART)

Related Projects

Interreg 5a: Leistungselektronik Region (PE:Region)

The PE:Region project targets a leading role for the German-Danish cross-border region in development and production of innovative power electronics components and systems. This implies robust, reliable and energy efficient products to growing markets where regional companies in particular have a strong position in the value chains of renewable energy, variable speed drives, control and regulation of electric energy, and green mobility.

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LIFEtime-enhanced Components for WIND Turbines (LIFE-WIND)

The Power Electronic System (PES) is an important part of Wind Turbine Systems (WTS) and according to the statistics the most prone to failure. Power converter systems contain numerous components such as semiconduc-tors, drivers, and passive components and are subject to many different mission profiles (applied loads and stresses).

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Investigation of reliability issues in power electronics

In a first step, components used in power electronics systems in different applications will be identified and classified according to pre-determined groups. Their functional role on the system will also be presented, in order to asses possible failure conditions.

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Active thermal control of power semiconductor modules

The aim of this project is to increase reliability and lifetime of power semiconductor modules in power converters using active thermal control, without affecting the system performance.

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